Thank you for visiting our site, here a COLLOIDAL SILVER SYSTEMS our goal is to make every customer feel like a friend, because we really do appreciate you, please feel free to leave me a note. Thanks again.


Dennis Frye.



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  • david walters (Wednesday, February 22 12 05:10 pm EST)

    Hello Dennis,
    I'd really like to thank you for all the help you gave my Mum and Dad. They are now advocates of colloidal silver. My Mum looks better than she has for a really long time and at her last blood test
    there was no sign of the viral infection she has been unable to beat with antibiotics!

    You've worked a double miracle - firstly in helping her beat the virus, but more amazingly getting them to accept complimentary medicine. I've been trying for over thirty years without success and
    you've managed to pull off a truly amazing feat!
    Thank you

  • kelly Doychinova (Wednesday, February 22 12 05:05 pm EST)

    Colloidalsiversystems by Dennis are fantastic, I bought two for me and two for friends and family, Dennis takes great care to ensure customer satisifcation- he sent me some extra items for my systems
    and spent time explaining to me how to properly care for my system- thank you, Kelly